Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

My attempt at making bread in a long time. The last time I made bread was years ago while still in school. This post on zoom yummy entices me to do it with the beautiful step-by-step pictures instructions. Makes you go … hmm… I can do this

The finished product with the fancy camera effects I’m playing around with. Notice the little bit broken off on the side? I had to taste it before taking the shots. hahaha…




Project V: Completed

Project has been completed. It sorts of grow on me. Upon completion, I remembered staring at it for quite a while. It seemed to be missing something… However, I’m glad I leave it though this morning.

A close-up is required.


The full portrait


Good Old Chocolate Cake

Slept right through last night instead of waking up to bake a cake for¬†my hubby’s friend. I’m feeling the¬†efforts spent¬†on¬†the previous cake…¬†

Started baking as soon as I woke up this morning¬†so that¬†the cake can be decorated¬†later in the night. (I have¬†a¬†full time job, but that’s story for another blog). Well, it’s super rush….. but the cake looks all right. pictures will follow.

I baked the cake with Martha’s recipe here

Ruffles and Pearls

I made a cake for M.B. birthday yesterday. She is a stylish woman with a classic fashion sense. The inspiration for ruffles and pearls.

The initial idea was to cover the cake with fondant. However, it was raining so much last night, the fondant just won’t co-operate. I had to give up after 2 hours.

On to plan B, ruffles were ok, but the pearls part could have been executed better. A mixture of pearl strands with different sizes would look better and a few flowers would be good too. Well, I will try to do better next time