Bee Cake

My MOST ambitious project to date: Three-tier beehive cake for my colleague’s girl
Ambitious because
1. My 1st real tier cake.
2. It’s a relative big and heavy cake – 5inch, 8inch and 10inch respectively.
3. I need to carve the cake – I don’t have round cake pans and I’m not going to buy more pans.
4. I hoped the bees will taste good.

Like with any project, planning is key. Weeks ahead, I baked all the cake layers (chocolate), wrapped them up tightly and put them into the freezer. Then I purchased all required edible and inedilbe materials and kept them away. I also came up with a list of steps for decorating.

The birthday celebration was on Sunday, 15 Jan. I started my preparation on Friday night.

Initial idea is to make them in “cake pop” style. you know, with the candy melts and sticks. That did not work out for me. Maybe I thinned the melts too much or there was moisture on the cake balls after taking them out from the freezer. The coating was not smooth and patchy all over. It was not looking good and I decided to try out a different plan B.
With the cake balls, I wrapped the yellow fondant over it and decorated them with eyes, strips and wings. Looking cute at this point.
The nightmare came when it’s time to attach the bees to the cake. The cake bees were way too soft and they kept sliding off the cake. Their fondant skin started tearing and the bees got distorted by too many pokes and jabs I made at them to get them stay. I only managed to keep one cake bee on the top of the cake. In the end, I re-made the bees with good old fondant. A bit too sweet to be eaten whole but at least they remained adorable and they stayed on the cake.

It’s fun to carve cakes. πŸ˜€
This was the part I feared most initially. I had sleepness nights as I stressed over how to make the edges smooth and arc. It turned out to be fun actually! *maybe it’s me…* Get a knife and a turntable and start cutting down. Oh, I filled the cake layers with nutella swiss buttercream, fridged them, carved them, covered all over with cream and into the fridge again. Then covered them with fondant, stacked them up and start attaching the decorations all over. That’s the procedure in less than 2 secs but took me forever to actually finish it…

Cake Drum:
I cut out a 14 inch circle from a big piece of styrofrom. Covered it with alumnium foil. Then lay green fondant over it and finally attaching a nice ribbon around the edges. The cake is transferred the drum before the rest of the decorations goes on.

I had many heart-stopping moments… when the fondant didn’t go on nicely on the cake and there were cake showing around the edges, when the cake bees had to be taken off the cake and they left black marks on the cake to be somehow covered, when chocolate cake crumbs got onto the fondant *urgh*, when the humidity raised and fondant won’t co-operate….

Somehow I managed to finish it after 2 sleepless nights and a day. I’m totally exhausted at the end of it and gotten somehow a couple of brusies and cuts and blisters… don’t ask… but I’m happy with the results. Really happy…

Some pictures my colleague took at his place. He’s a good photographer. 20120116-094934.jpg

Noticed the slight crumpled green fondant near the name. That’s caused by him, and I’m not around to fix it πŸ˜›


one last fancy shot, this time taken by me πŸ™‚ 20120116-145613.jpg


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