Cupcakes – Princess

Little girls hope to be princesses and most women like to be treated like one.

This box of cupcakes is a present for a 4 year-old girl. She had an amazing princess-themed party where she is dressed as Snow White. In addition, her parents engaged a pretty adult model, also dressed as Snow White, to play games with the little ones. It’s so lovely.

This is my first figurine. I hoped I had more time to work on it, but we were already late for the party… let’s hope there is another princess birthday coming up, then I can try it again.



A cartoon-y carriage

All together now…


Cream Puffs

Golden Puffs

Finally, I succeeded with the choux pastry *big smiling face* This is my third try, following the recipe from “okashi”. I added way more egg/liquid than what was called for in the recipe till I get the right consistency. Pity the previous batches that got thrown away. That’s one down in the list of bakies I want to make.


Rose Cake

There’s two birthdays in the family for March, mother-in-law and sister. For my sister birthday, I’ve made a cake decorated with swiss meringue buttercream roses. Revision for my piping. I also tried to do colour graduation. Ha ha… Lesson learnt: Should prepare the different coloured cream is bowls first in order to achieve better graduation. Rather than mixing along as I finished piping one layer…

The cake is a basic genoise sponge cake with raspberry jam and vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. Did not soak the sponge in syrup…opps… very dry. Luckily, there’s the buttercream to counteract.

The cake



Half eaten 😀

Peach Flowers Cake

Have not been posting for a long long time… didn’t mean to neglect the blog, but was just a tad busy. I’m still baking lots, at least 1 per week, and buying eggs at alarming speed! I use almost a tray of eggs (that’s 30) in slightly over one week. Goodness!

So over the weekend, the family celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday. I wanted to create a cake that is elegant yet simple. The base peach colour turned out in an exact shade I’m very happy with. The flowers colour are pretty co-ordinated as well. However, I do need to improve on my piping skill. The lines surrounding the cake did not turn out smooth…

The cake

A little close-up

In action